24 Inch Star
This 24 inch star is perfect for inside or outside you home. It comes in four colors and works great in almost any decor.
$ 16.00

18 Inch Star
The possiblites are endless with all the different sizes of stars we carry! This 18 inch one also comes in four different colors. Group them together with the same size, with different sizes or with pictures it's up to you. The possibilities are endless.
$ 12.00

12 Inch Star
Our 12 inch star can be used just about anywhere. Hang it on you wall, put it on a table, or rest it on you mantle. This star come in three colors- Black, Burgundy and Mustard.
$ 6.00

8 Inch and 5 Inch Stars
Now our 8 inch and 5 inch stars look small, but they make a big statement any place you choose to use them. From hanging one your wall to gift tags for that perfect present,the uses are only limited by you imagination.
$ 0.00

Standing Stars
These standing stars can be grouped together or used individually. They are great with berry garland and would be great added to other arrangements of primitive decor. They are 12", 16" and 20" and are sold as a set.
$ 34.00

Small Standing Stars
These small standing stars come in three colors and measure the tallest at 8 inches, middle at 7 inches and the smallest at 6 inches.
$ 9.00

Star Hooks
These are really cute 7" hanging stars and have a variety of uses. You can hang cloth stars, wooden hangers with sayings, and you can even use them as curtain rod hangers!
$ 3.00

Large 48" star
You can choose any on of these beautiful stars they will look fabulous any where you hang them (sold separately). The black star is the one available at this price.
$ 52.00


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