CrossRoads Candles
Wonderful fragrant candle! Comes in 26 oz. for $22.00 and 16 oz. for $17.00. This is a candle that you will want to try! Comes in many fragrances (see options).
$ 0.00



1890 Candle
This is a nicely fragranced candle and would be enjoyed in any home. Please see options for all of the scents that are available. It is a 26 oz. candle for $22.00!
$ 22.00


Melting Tarts
These fragrances are made by CrossRoads Candle and are available in all of their scents (see options under their regular candles). Wonderful tarts that make your home smell inviting and cozy.
$ 2.00

Battery Operated Timer Taper
These 6" BOT tapers are 6 hours on and 18 hours off. They have a grungy finsh and come in the colors listed in the options. These lights are the greatest and are ideal for places that are hard to reach as they will come on automatically.
$ 8.00

Battery Operated Timer Taper
These are 4" tapers and come on for 6 hours and off 18 hours. They are great to put on Christmas trees. The colors are listed in options.
$ 6.00

Battery Operated Timer Tea lights
These tea lights are larger (taller & bigger around) than the regular tea lights. They are used in our Barn Lanterns and look great!
$ 4.00

Battery Operated Timer Pillars
These BOT Pillars come in 3 sizes and they are buttercream with cinnamon swirl. Please see options for sizes and prices. These candles are really beautiful!!
$ 0.00

Chest Style Melt Warmers
Our melt warmer help fill your home with a warm glow and wonderfull aromas. These warms are a dark brown and the front is glass. They are 5 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches wide. These warmers work with any standard electical socket and have a replaceable lightbulbs that warms you melt.
$ 35.00

Basket Style Melt Warmers
These melt warmers are just sweet. They are 9 inches tall and 5 1/5 inches wide. They come in dark brown and light brown.The Star pattern comes in aged copper. These melt warmers work with any standard electical socket and have a replaceable lightbulb that warms your melt.
$ 27.00

Lantern Style Melt Warmers
These lantern style melt warmers are just beautiful. When turned on they cast a gorgous pattern of light on you wall and fill the air with the aroma of you choice. They come in several different styles and colors (see the drop down for options). They plug into any standard electrical socket and warm you melts with the replaceable bulb inside. These lanterns are 10 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches wide.
$ 32.00


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